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Have a skittish cat or a mopey dog? The vet says they are okay, but you know something is wrong? A pet psychic can help you figure out what is going on. For most people, pets are family members. We want them to be healthy happy and safe, just like anyone else in our family. So what do you do when your pet seems to be unhappy but you can’t figure out why?

This is where a trusted cat psychic, dog psychic or animal communicator can help. Animal psychics act as an interpreter between you and your pet and can help you to understand the animal’s perspective. Whether your pet feels lonely or doesn’t like it’s food, with all of this additional information, you can make life better for your pet.

What is a Pet Psychic or Pet Medium?

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A pet psychic is someone who can communicate with animals and in some cases with the spirits of our departed pets. Sometimes they can see into the past or the future, or even past lives. Their psychic abilities work the same way as with humans. Animal psychics tune into the energy fields around your animal and receive messages, whether through heightened feelings, visions, messages from spirit guides or other extra-sensory abilities.

Animals have heightened senses just like some humans do. In fact, humans tend to have overdeveloped left brains that drown out the emotional, intuitive right brain, so it is even more common for an animal to have psychic abilities! Animals tend to have more of a balance between their right and left brains, and often have keener senses than many of their owners! Pets are very attuned to their higher senses and can have great success with a psychic who can help them feel heard and understood.

Everyone has heard the stories of pets acting crazy before a storm or reacting to something that we can’t see or feel. Just as some humans have heightened extra-sensory perception, your pet can also operate on this level. Working with a trusted animal psychic or medium, can bring you closer to your pet and create a happy and compatible energy in your home.

How Can a Pet Psychic Help My Pet?

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  • Find out how your pet feels
  • Address bad behaviors
  • Locate missing pets
  • Make transitioning pets more comfortable
  • Communicate with pets on the Other Side

It is very important to check with your veterinarian first to make sure there are no obvious medical problems that need treatment. But if your vet has given your pet a clean bill of health, and you still sense that something is wrong, a pet psychic is a great next step.

But what kinds of problems can pet psychics address? What do others go to animal psychics for? Animal mediums and psychics can help us with our pets in the same way that psychics can help people.

By reading your pet’s emotions and feelings, animal communicators can help you to figure out what might be bothering them. Animal psychics might even be able to tell you things from the past or future that are affecting your pet. And pet mediums can help you to know how your departed pet is doing. They can tell you if your pet has found peace on the Other Side and if their transition was okay.

A lost pet psychic can help you to find your missing pet and may be able to determine if it was stolen, ran away or simply got lost. Pet communicators can also help you to understand and modify bad behavior like chewing, barking or scratching. Additionally, pet psychics can help you and your pet by communicating with sick and dying animals so that you know what your pet wants or needs in their time of transition.

The Most Common Questions Pet Psychics Get

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There are many frequently asked questions that animal psychics receive. Here are five of the most common questions that people ask when speaking with a pet communicator.

Why is My Pet Misbehaving? 

There are a lot of reasons why your pet might be misbehaving. Since we can’t just have a conversation with our pets it can sometimes be difficult to get to the bottom of the problem. Every pet owner wants their pet to be healthy and happy, and sometimes we just don’t know for sure if we are doing it right! If your pet seems like it’s in a strange mood, glum or acting out, a pet psychic might be your best bet. Especially if there is a sudden change in behavior and medical conditions have been ruled out, a pet psychic can help you get to the source.

Does My Pet Feel at Home With Me? 

Another thing a dog psychic or cat psychic will be able to pick up on is how your pet generally feels living with you. Whether or not your pet is feeling safe and loved, treated kindly by children, or generally feels like he/she is at home. This is all valuable information that can help us to give our pets what they need. Knowing what our pet feels like he or she is missing, is the first step toward making meaningful changes!

Is My Pet Feeling Any Discomfort or Pain? 

Are you wondering if your pet has discomfort or pain? Sometimes there are no clear symptoms, but our pets just seem uncomfortable. Pet psychics can’t diagnose or prescribe medications, only your vet can do that. But they can get to know how the pet is feeling and give you pointers on how to make him or her feel better.

Is My Pet Having Trouble Adjusting to The New Baby or Pet in The Home? 

Do you have a new baby or pet in the house? Could your pet be upset or feeling excluded? Pets are just like children, and they often need support adjusting to major changes in the home. They experience feelings of jealousy and insecurity just like anyone else. Your pet psychic can help you connect to your pet’s experience and deal with any issues of ‘sibling rivalry’ or other confusion.

How Was My Pet’s Passage to The Other Side? 

Pet mediums can help you connect to your departed pet. We have all struggled with the loss of a departed pet and have found ourselves wondering where they are today. We wonder if their transition to the Other Side was peaceful and if they had what they needed when they left us. A pet medium can reach out to the departed spirits and communicate any last messages.

How Do Pet Psychic Readings Work?

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A pet psychic reading works the same way as a psychic reading for people! Animals have heightened sensitivities and a dog or cat psychic is able to tap into those energies to facilitate a two-way communication.

A pet communicator will ask you a few specific questions like the breed, color, age and name of your pet. Then they will pick up on any feelings or energies coming from your pet, whether it is jealousy, loneliness, illness or any other feeling they may be experiencing. They can also communicate what your pet believes it needs to modify its behavior.

Pet psychics cannot ‘fix’ your pet. All pets have free will and it is up to them if they want to change their behavior. But as with children, acting out is typically a ‘cry for help.’ Since animals cannot simply tell us what is bothering them, sometimes they need to resort to other means of communication. Often chewing, barking, scratching or moping are all signs of something under the surface that is causing your pet to feel unhappy.

An animal psychic can find out what the problem is, and then it is up to you as the owner to make the changes your pet needs.

Does My Pet Need to be With Me During the Psychic Reading?

Nope! Your pet does not need to be with you during a psychic pet reading. Just like people are able to do psychic readings over the phone, email or chat, animal communicators can work remotely too! In fact, pet mediums can even communicate with pets that have departed.

What Types of Animals Can a Pet Psychic Work With?

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All animals have feelings just like we do. Have you ever seen the videos of grown elephants mourning the loss of one of their babies? Or baby elephants refusing to leave the side of their dead mother. There are even records of elephants crying from their eyes.

Humans are not the only animals with emotions, and all animals have heightened channel of communication that a trained animal psychic can tap into. That’s why a pet psychic can work with any kind of animal! Dog or cat psychics are more common because they are both such common pets. There is nothing preventing an animal communicator from working with horses, birds or even hamsters!

Is My Pet Psychic?

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Just as with humans, some pets are more attuned to their extra sensory perceptions and can definitely have psychic powers. There are many instances where animals predict occurrences, especially storms, earthquakes or other natural disasters. Psychic animals, just like people, are in tune with their environment. And it may give your pet great comfort to finally be able to express what they are feeling and feel heard and understood!

Lost Pet Psychics

It is so heartbreaking when a pet is lost or stolen. Not only are the pet’s owners scared, but the pet may feel lonely and afraid as well. Humans are able to form close bonds with animals, aligning their consciousness with them. Some human to animal connections can be so strong that they even reveal past life connections. It is by using this energy that lost pet psychics can communicate with your pet.

Pet psychics can perceive images, emotions, and sensations coming from your pet, and these are all little clues that can eventually lead us to where our pet is. If your pet is feeling cold or wet, for example, it might be a clue to look around a nearby river or lake. If the pet psychic is picking up on feelings of fear of loud noises, it could be that your pet is near a busy highway or another noisy place.

A pet psychic will meditate on your pet’s frequencies and try to see what they are seeing through their eyes. This can shed light on whether your pet is alive, healthy and where it might be. It should become clear whether your pet is in need of rescue or if it has left of its own accord.

It is important to begin your search by looking carefully for any messages. Sometimes animals send messages through dreams or meditation. When there is an emergency, it is imperative to act quickly. A pet psychic can help you to reach your lost pet in a time of need.

Pet Psychic vs. Pet Medium

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A lot of these terms are used interchangeably, and many psychics possess multiple abilities. Specifically, an animal medium has the ability to communicate with the spirits of departed pets, not just pick up on the energies of the pet in your home. There are different psychic abilities that apply to psychic readings with people as well as animals.

Tips on finding real pet psychics

The best practices for finding a pet psychic are the same for humans and animals! You have to be careful of scams and do your homework before entrusting the care of your pet with someone. Just like we find a good veterinarian through word of mouth, reviews, and listening to our internal instincts, we also need to take care when choosing a pet psychic.

Our Favorite Pet Psychics

Top Pick
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Kasamba Visit site

Kasamba is a legitimate and one of the longest running online psychic reading websites with experts capable of not only human, but also pet psychic readings, mediums, dream analysis, career forecasts and fortune telling, among others.

Kasamba has been running their legitimate online psychic readings services since 1999. They have many different readers working for different areas of topics to help the customers lead better paths ahead.

  • Help a misbehaving pet
  • Find out if your pet feels discomfort or pain
  • Help your pet adjust to a new baby or pet in the home
  • Locate a missing pet
  • Help your pet pass to the Other Side
  • Never substitute for a visit to the vet
  • Be careful of scams or fake psychics
  • Not a magic bullet because pets have free will

California Psychics

California Psychics
California Psychics Visit site

California Psychics is notable for the sheer number of services that they provide. They have psychic advisors who specialize in everything from pets to astrology to crystals to tarot cards, as well as psychics who use no tools at all. The rates on this platform start at $4 per minute, but they also offer volume-based discounts if you buy at least 20 minutes upfront.

Another benefit to using this service is that they offer free horoscopes and a birth chart calculator. The biggest drawback to California Psychics is that they only offer text and voice options for connecting with their advisors — no video chat option is available. 


Keen Visit site

Keen has a webpage dedicated to helping you with your furry friend! They have a very large roster of pet psychics and articles on helping you to become more attuned to your pet’s needs.

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Rachel Smith

So informative! Thanks!


I had to admit that even after reading this, I was still pretty skeptical about psychics, mediums, and whatever else related you can find out there. I didn't believe that it was gonna work and that i was just gonna waste my money and time! so i did just because my friend insisted, and let me tell you.... thanks god I did! I Can't thank my psychic enough for connecting with my beloved Georgie...she was out of this world and she came through exactly as she was...xx


My pet has been stolen and gone now for a little over two years do you see any hope for me ?


Thank you so much for this!! This guide was so helpful and clear a lot of my doubts.

Amanda Pommy

We lost our lovely Caramel for 17days.. We were so anxious and desperate that, despite we were kinda skeptical about trying a psychic, we decided to do it since it was our last hope. I found mia through kasamba. She helped us and gave us hope that Caramel will be reunited with us. She communicated with our baby and we have found her exactly as described by our cat through Mia. We are so greatful for her. Highly recommend her.