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Everyone has no major financial targets? We would like to save more money, produce more income and have more financial independence-and do you know that getting the right checking account could help you achieve these goals? In reality, the best time to open a new checking account is right now, as banks want your company.

There are plenty of account deals with special discounts, rewards and even free cash offerings to take advantage of right now. Luckily we have helped to narrow the quest down for you. Below are some of the best deals for checking account with the latest apps, low fees and great rewards.

Sign up incentive up to $350 when you open a Chase Full Checking and Chase Savings Account.

If you haven’t been given a chance to take advantage of last year’s Chase Total Checking $200 sign up bonus, well now is your opportunity. Once again, Chase will continue its famous Complete Check promo with an additional bonus when opening a Chase Savings account. Thus customers new to Chase will earn $200 when they open a checking account, and an extra $150 when they open a savings account. There are only a few requirements: within 20 business days, consumers must deposit a total of $10,000 into the savings account.

  • Maintain a balance of $10,000 over 90 days, and..
  • Set up the checking account with a monthly direct deposit..
  • Chase is one of the most successful US banks.

As such, you’ll be given amazing advantages such as easy access to services such as person–transfers, credit score tracking, and digital access to JP Morgan’s You Invest platform using Chase’s application. One thing that should be remembered when you open a Chase Complete Checking account is it will cost $12 a month. However, if you meet one of the following conditions, this fee can be waived:

  • Earn at least $500 in monthly direct deposits.
  • Have a daily minimum balance of $1,500, and
  • Paying Chase $25 in facilities or fees

Use $500 to open an account kit for CitiBank

Right now is the best time to take advantage of Citibank’s $500 cash incentive when you open a CitiBank Account Kit. You’ll get $400 to open a new qualifying checking account and a savings account. Then, if you make at least one valid direct deposit per month for two months in a row, you can score an extra $100.

To accept this deal, new customers must open two new accounts online after opening the accounts and complete the following qualifying activities:

1. Deposit $15,000 or more in new checking and savings accounts (this balance can be divided between the two) within 30 days.

2. Maintain a minimum balance of $15,000 over 60 days between your two new accounts.

It’s important to note that you’ll still need to set up direct deposit in order to get the entire $500 bonus. When all of the criteria have been met, you can see your cash bonus credited to your bank account within 90 days. Bear in mind that there is a $25 per month fee for opening a CitiBank Account Kit, but if you bear a minimum balance of $10,000 between your checking and savings accounts, you can get rid of that charge.

$200 Bonus With Simple Banking Kit from CitiBank

New CitiBank account holders will earn a $200 bonus when they open a new qualifying Citibank Basic Banking Package checking account. According to CitiBank’s website, here is how the promotion works:.. Open a new qualifying checking account in the Basic Banking Package between the above date.

Within 30 days of opening your account, $5,000 New-to-Citibank funds are deposited into your new checking account, and.
Hold a minimum balance of $5,000 for sixty consecutive calendar days.

Account holders should earn the incentive within 90 days after you complete the qualifying activities. It’s important to note that only new account holders can access this bid.

The account carries a monthly fee of $12. But, if you maintain a minimum monthly balance amount of $1,500, the fee is waived.

Take advantage of $350 Cash Back HSBC Advance Checking Promotion

There are some fantastic news— HSBC’s promotion of checking accounts has been expanded. Now, when you open an Advance Checking account, current account holders have the chance to take advantage of the $350 cash bonus. Here’s how to apply for the great offer:

  • open your new HSBC Advance online checking account by 31 July 2019
  • deposit a minimum Qualifying Balance of $5,000 or more in New Money in combined checking and savings accounts within 30 calendar days of account opening; and;
  • set up monthly third-party direct deposits that last at least three months after account opening.

After eight weeks of completing the above qualifying tasks, new account holders will earn this welcome bonus.4 To eliminate the $25 monthly account charge, account holders must maintain a daily balance of $10,000 or maintain a $5,000 daily balance and have a regular direct deposit into the account.

$100 Welcome Bonus The Bank of America Advantage Banking account you open.

Right now, someone who doesn’t have a Bank of America account can take advantage of a $100 welcome bonus when they open a Bank of America Advantage Banking account. In order to apply, customers must open Bank of America Advantage Banking account by using the online platform by

August and establish direct deposit or set up and obtain at least two valid direct deposits of $250 or more within the first 90 days of accountopening.5 It is important to note that there is a minimum deposit of $25 to open the basic Advantage Banking account and a minimum deposit of $100 to open the account.

Act Now: Such Promotions to the Checking Account do not last long

These are only a subset of the deals currently available for checking accounts. There are plenty of deals to choose from — you just need to check for the time.

Consider opening a checking account today? Get underway today. When one of your 2020 goals is to become financially fitter, opening a new checking account will help you get to where you want to be, and you’ll get bonuses that can save you hundreds of dollars. It is necessary to act quickly because most of these deals will not last long.

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